AIR HANDLER Fiberglass Air Filter, 24x24x2", Model 5W507, 12PK



Open box item please view photos.

Filters Out: MERV 5-8 Mold, Spores, Dust Mites, Cat & Dog Dander, Hair Spray, Fabric Protector, Dusting Aids, Cement Dust, Pudding Mix Initial Resistance @ 300 fpm: 0.10 in wc
Air Filter Color: White Removes Particles Down To: 3.0 to 10.0 microns
Standards: UL 900 Actual Filter Size: 23-3/8 in x 23-3/8 in x 1-5/8 in
MERV: 5 Max. Velocity: 500 fpm
Nominal Depth: 2 in Filter Efficiency - Air Filters: 20 %
Frame Included: Yes Air Filter Media Type: Fiberglass
Max. Air Flow: 777 fpm Media Material: Fiberglass
Initial Resistance: 0.10" WC Air Flow: 300 fpm
Nominal Filter Size: 24x24x2 Actual Width: 23 3/8 in
Media Area: 4.0 sq ft Actual Height: 23 3/8 in
Frame or Header Material: Chipboard Recommended Final Resistance: 0.5 in wc
Air Filter Item: Non-Pleated Air Filter Filter Frame Color: Brown
Nominal Height: 24 in Style - Air Filters: Panel
Nominal Width: 24 in Media Color: White
Actual Depth: 1 5/8 in Item: Non-Pleated Air Filter
Performance Rating: MERV 5 Max. Temp.: 150 Degrees F
Air Flow @ 300 fpm: 1,200 cfm Air Filter Frame Material: Heavy-Duty Chipboard
Final Resistance: 0.50" WC Metal Grill: No

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