fusion fcf13dtt835/2p lot of 10, double pin twin compact fluorescent lamp



FEATURES & BENEFITS: Fusion CFL Compact Fluorescent lamps provide the efficiency of fluorescent technology in recessed, surface mounted and specialty fixtures. The 10,000 + hour lifetime of these lamps outlast all standard equivalents, saving you money on replacement labour and maintenance costs.

 These lamps save up to 75% in energy costs of the equivalent wattage standard lamps, for significant cost savings, and lower maintenance lighting solutions.
 â€¢ Long Life - 10,000+ hour lamp life 
• Save on re-lamping and replacement costs 
• High CRI - Excellent colour rendering for improved visual impact
• Wide Range of Colour Temperatures - Light your space to suit your ambience 
• Instant Start - No warm-up time, and flicker-free operation 
• TCLP Compliant 
• High Lumen Output 
• Fully Dimmable 
• Benefits a cleaner environment

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