Movincool Climate Pro X20 Portable Spot Cooler Air Conditioner 006

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The Climate Pro X20 delivers 16,800 Btu/h of cooling relief with a footprint under 5 sq. ft. It’s ideal for keeping people and processes productive in hot and humid conditions.

  • Small power requirement. Runs on 115V with 20 amp circuit — consumes just 1.7 kW.
  • Effective cooling relief in conditions from 70° to 113°F.

Electronic Features

Control Panel Programmable
Thermostat Control Electronic

Cooling Capacity

Rating Conditions: 95°F @ 60% RH 16,800 Btu/h

Electrical Characteristics

Voltage Requirement 1 Phase, 115 V
Total Power Consumption 1.7 kW
Current Consumption 15.5 amps
Recommended Fuse Size 20 amps
NEMA Plug Configuration 5-20P
Min. - Max. Voltage 104 - 127 V


Motor Output 0.37 kW


Fan Type Centrifugal
Max. Air Flow - High/Mid/Low 565/525/475 CFM
Max External Static Pressure 0.31 IWG


Fan Type Centrifugal
Max Air Flow - High/Mid/Low 890/835/760 CFM
Max. External Static Pressure 0.23 IWG


Type Hermetic Rotary
Output 0.9 kW


Type R-410A


W x D x H 22 x 29 x 51 in


Net / Shipping 195 / 237 lb

Power Cord

Gauge 12 AWG (3-core)
Length 10 ft

Condensate Tank

Capacity 5 gal

Operating Conditions

Min. - Max. @ 50% RH 70° - 113°F

Max. Duct Length

Per Cold Duct Hose 30 ft
Hot Duct Hose 60 ft

Max. Sound Level

With Condenser Duct - High/Mid/Low 64/63/62 dB(A)
Without Condenser Duct - High/Mid/Low 67/66/65 dB(A)

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