Slaon REgal 186-0.5



 Quiet, Exposed, Diaphragm Type, Chrome Plated Urinal Flushometer with the following features:
 â€¢ ADA Compliant Metal Oscillating Non-Hold-Open Handle 
• ¾” I.P.S. Screwdriver Bak-Chek™ Angle Stop 
• Control Stop Plug 
• Sweat Solder Adapter with Cover Tube 
• Adjustable Tailpiece 
• Cast Wall Flange with Set Screw 
• Vacuum Breaker Flush Connection 
• Spud Coupling Wall and Spud Flange for ¾” Top Spud 
• High Copper, Low Zinc Brass Castings for Dezincification Resistance 
• Non-Hold-Open Handle and No External Volume Adjustment to Ensure Water Conservation 
• Low Consumption flush accuracy controlled by Para-Flo™ Technology 
• Handle Packing, Stop Seat and Vacuum Breaker to be Molded from PERMEX™ Rubber Compound for Chloramine Resistance

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