Northside has been in business since 1989! We find the 35 years of experience we have offering such an abundance of products gives us the upper hand on our competition. Come by and see what makes Northside so unique!
  • We only offer quality products at an affordable price. Our warehouse is filled with luxury building materials such as doors, cabinetry, windows, trim, and much more. 
  • In recent years, we have found ourselves receiving a lot of commercial equipment! Whether you are looking for a high-end job site toolbox, or a commercial kitchen sink, we have it!
  • In addition to these great products, the film industry has come knocking on our door. Dealing with surplus and salvaged items we have just the look a set needs. We offer production rentals, whether for one week, or ten months, we can make it work. Talk with our dedicated team to find out more!


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