Ceiling Roof Backdraft Dampers For 36 in Fan 37x37x2

Sale price$35.45


This static frame ceiling-mount backdraft damper has an overall size of 37x37x2 inches and fits a 36-inch fan. It features flat aluminum blades and a galvanized steel frame with a 1-inch rear flange. The rough opening size is 34-1/2 by 35.5 inches, with a diameter of 35-1/2 inches. Its maximum pressure is 1 in wc and it can handle a maximum air velocity of 2250 fpm. The airflow direction is vertical and the switch action is normally closed. Additionally, it has an overall height of 37 inches, a width of 37 inches, and a free area of 7.1 sq ft. The felt seal ensures a tight seal and it can withstand a maximum ambient temperature of 180°F.
Dayton 4HX69
Condition New, never used or installed. Has one broken corner and a dent or two. 

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