Velux Step Flashing Kit, ECL 2246

Sale price$74.99


VELUX ECL curb mount step flashing interweaves with shingles and other low-profile roofing materials to help provide proper water drainage.  Includes an adhesive underlayment that provides an additional layer of water protection and prevents leaks.  When paired with the VELUX No Leak Skylight (models FCM, VCM, VCE, VCS) this flashing makes the skylight eligible for the VELUX 10-year installation warranty.

  • ECL flashing is designed for use on roofs with shingles, shakes or slate with a minimum pitch of 10° and a maximum pitch of 60°
  • ECL 2246 flashing is designed specifically to fit VELUX curb mounted 2222, 2230, 2234 and 2246 models with an outside curb width of 25-1/2 in. and maximum length of 49-1/2 in.
  • Designed to work in conjunction with a site built curb and the ECL cannot be installed on skylights from other manufacturers or other VELUX skylight models not noted above
  • Curb mounted flashing kits for tile roofs are available (model ECW)

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